Nose surgery Warsaw
nose correction Warsaw

At Mea Clinic, we have been performing nose surgeries for many years. We cooperate with experienced, professional specialists in their field. We also have great facilities. Thanks to this, we can perform rhinoplasty at a high level. The performed operations give very good results.

Nose surgery requires prior preparation. The doctor conducting the procedure will order the necessary tests, based on which he will be able to qualify the patient for the procedure. As a standard, the following are performed: morphology, as well as a blood group test, ECG, blood sugar level.

Noses come in different shapes. Depending on the diagnosed abnormalities, we can perform surgery on the profile of the nose, the width of the ridge, as well as lateral curvatures and asymmetry.

The natural state after the operation is the formation of swelling and bruising. With proper healing, they disappear after a few weeks. To obtain good results, regular medical consultations are necessary, as well as the implementation of specialist recommendations. The full effects of nose surgery (Warsaw) can be observed after about 12 - 20 months.


Rhinoplasty is a big intervention in the body. Not everyone can submit to it. There are a number of contraindications that prevent the procedure. These include, among others, vascular diathesis, diabetes, anemia. Contraindications to nose surgery are also: purulent inflammation of the sinuses and face, as well as unregulated pressure.

You can make an appointment for rhinoplasty at Mea Clinic by phone. Feel free to contact us at the phone numbers 48538303198 or 48 698 925 498.<br For more detailed information on rhinoplasty performed at Mea Clinic, please find here. We invite you to visit the site!