Face and neck surgery

Removal of moles and skin tumors

Aesthetic medicine

Treatments improving the oval of the face and firming treatments

Treatments reducing excessive sweating or muscle tension (bruxism, migraines)

Tissue biostimulators

    Filling wrinkles treatments

      Treatments that eliminate mimic wrinkles


      Treatments accelerating regeneration after operations and surgical procedures

        Facial and body treatments



              Body treatments

                Facial treatments - treatments for pregnant and lactating women

                  Facial treatments - anti-aging treatments

                  Facial treatments - oily and acne skin

                  Facial treatments - treatments for couperose skin

                  Face treatments - dry skin

                  Face treatments - complementary treatments

                    Make up - visage and setting the eye area

                      Permanent make up

                        Laser hair removal

                          Wax depilation