Principle of operation of the laser LightSheer DESIRE ™ laser diode laser is based on laser hair removal. Passing into the skin 2 mm deep, the energy beam is absorbed by the melanin (dye) and converted to heat (damage to the hair matrix). The energy produced by the laser is absolutely safe for man. The wavelength of the light emitted by the diode is 805 m. The laser light acts on the surface without affecting the functions of the body. Recommendations before surgery
  • 6 months before the procedure, oral retinoid therapy should be discontinued (eg, Izotek, Roaccutane)
  • Do not tear your hair (wax, epilator, tweezers) 1 month before the procedure.
  • 3 weeks before each treatment we do not use creams, ointments with retinoid content such as Izotrexin, Differin. Retin A, wit. C. and fruit acids, at the site of the treatment
  • 2-3 weeks before treatment, phototherapy, phototherapy, photoallergenic drugs and steroids such as St. John's wort, marigold, figurine tea should be discontinued.
  • 2 weeks - there is a minimum break after sunbathing or tanning
If tanning is obtained by self tanning, etc., epilation is possible after it has been removed
  • 1 week before the procedure, at the site of the procedure, we do not use peels and other exfoliating and depilatory creams.
  • For dry, irritated skin, moisturizing preparations are recommended until the day before the treatment
  • 1 day before the procedure, shave thoroughly with a disposable surgical site (taking into consideration skin irritation). Before the first treatment we recommend leaving a small area (max 1cm2) with unshaven hair to determine the color of the hair.
  • Right before the procedure, the skin must be clean, not greasy. The treatment should come without prior use of moisturizing lotions, antiperspirants, etc.