Snoring is a troublesome and embarrassing condition during sleep that affects both the elderly and the young.

Simply speaking, the reason for snoring is the obstructed airflow through the airways, which causes vibrations of the throat walls.

Snoring, the cause of which are anatomical defects, can be removed surgically - in outpatient settings or as part of "one day surgery".

Depending on what is the reason to eliminate snoring:

- correct the bent nasal septum,     

- cut out the overgrown tonsils,     

- remove polyps,     

- reduce the palate.

In snoring machines, where the soft palate and the tongue are particularly elongated, the palate may be plastered. It consists in shortening the palatal arches and the tongue.

There is more space in the throat and the palate is stiffer. The palatal artery is usually performed under local anesthesia.

Sometimes, however, it may be impossible to perform palposition of the palate under local anesthesia in patients with very severe emetic reaction. This procedure can also be performed under general anesthesia. Then the scope of resection of the palate and the tongue may be larger.