Platelet rich plasma (PRP) therapy, also known as a “Vampire facelift” is one of the least invasive treatments in aesthetic medicine. During the procedure, platelets  are selectively withdrawn from the Patient’s blood, then properly centrifuged right before the operation and later re-injected to the Patient’s skin. Platelet rich plasma contains seven growth factors and proteins responsible for cell adhesion: fibrin, fibronectin. A well-performed procedure of PRP therapy does not entail any risks, such as: intolerance, allergy, immunological reaction. Results
  • Wrinkles softening
  • Enhancement of skin elasticity,  tightening, density
  • Skin revitalization, skin smoothing and restoration of homogeneous complexion
  • Stimulation of collagen fibers
  • Improvement of face blood supple
  • Activated healing processes after aesthetic medicine procedures