PQ Age is a new peeling created by in-depth research aimed at meeting the needs of the market who are constantly looking for less invasive treatments. Innovative, safe and easy to use peeling for skin lifting and revitalization. New peeling formula developed for the following uses:
  • non-traumatic biorevitalization
  • tissue regeneration
  • removal of imperfections in the skin
  • gentle lifting
  • treatment of delicate and sensitive skin
The latest front in the field of non-aggressive tissue regeneration - PQ Age guarantees immediate skin firming! PQ Age is a blend of trichloroacetic acid stabilized in a certain amount of urea peroxide, capable of inducing a strong regenerative reaction in the deepest layers of the dermis in a way that is mild and pleasant to the skin. The unique combination of ingredients makes PQ Age an extremely effective and totally non-aggressive peeling, which allows it to be used throughout the year.   EFFECT OF TREATMENT:
  • immediate effect of increasing skin tension
  • improving skin plasticity
  • lifting effect
  • smoothing the skin
  • alignment of skin color
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