Adenotomy is a surgical laryngological procedure involving the removal (cutting) of the hypertrophied tonsillo. The procedure is carried out mainly in children over 3 years of age, due to spontaneous tonsil involution in adults. In the majority of cases, adenoidomy is performed in an outpatient setting, which means that the child goes home on the day of surgery. This allows you to avoid problems and stresses related to the child's stay in the hospital. During the procedure, the child stays under the care of an anaesthesiologist at all times.

The procedure will be followed by general anesthesia. After applying anesthesia, the surgeon-laryngologist will remove the third tonsil from the mouth, so no external intervention will be carried out. The third tonsil base will be coagulated. The child will then be transferred to the post-operative room, where parents will also be able to wake up when they start to wake up from anesthesia. After a few hours, when all the effects of anesthesia are gone, the child can be taken home. For a few days after the treatment it is recommended to use a diet that is easy to digest, avoiding hot drinks and food. Even if the child is very hungry after the treatment, give him food in limited quantities to avoid vomiting associated with the use of narcosis.