It is an innovative composition of two components, ascorbic acid and lactobionic acid. For whom? Smokers, solar bath, people who have seen the presence of enlarged small blood vessels, so-called "spider veins". Action: Basic, biologically active form of vitamin C - ascorbic acid. Vitamin C stimulates better skin blood circulation, by helping the process of collagen synthesis, affects the skin's firmness and elasticity, strengthens blood vessel walls, brightens the skin, and reduces wrinkles. In clinical trials where 4% lactobionic acid was used for 6 weeks, complete remission or significant reduction in telangiectasia was demonstrated and reduction or complete elimination of inflammatory skin. Additionally: • has a unique water binding and retention property in the epidermis, • smoothes and softens the epidermis, • has antioxidant effect, • regulates cellular renewal, • soothes irritations and inflammation of the skin.