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Sensational treatment with the use of innovative technology!

We would like to present you NANOIGIC MESOTHERAPY - NANO PIN.

Thanks to a special microneedles with a pulse system and nanocanalys during the treatment at the same time: we stimulate fibroblasts to produce collagen and elastin we introduce active substances selected for individual skin needs.

As a result, the skin becomes smooth and tense, wrinkles and scars become shallower, the skin tone is improved and the skin is moisturized.

The treatment itself is almost painless compared to dermapene or needle mesotherapy and does not require long convalescence. The device is built in two parts: - head with titanium microneedles, which are covered with 24K gold, and their length is 0.6 mm.

Each nano-needle has a thickness of 0.13 mm and has micro-channels through which active substances are applied. - the reservoir in which the serum is located, which is pumped by means of a special head into the depth of the epidermis.

NANO-punctures stimulate the skin to regenerate and self-renew, resulting in a fresh, younger look. Thanks to special substances, fibroblasts are stimulated to produce new collagen and elastin fibers, smooth and reduce wrinkles, the skin becomes firmer and more tense. The effects are visible almost immediately, but lasting effects are obtained after a series of such treatments.